How to best end the year 2011…. with a Road Trip!!!

First time campers

The year was 2011 and the month was December when we jet set ourselves on to a long road trip down to Melbourne and then to Adelaide. The road trip wasn’t a big challenge for us however, it was the idea of camping all the way that made us a little nervous at the start. The reason being we had never camped out before. As nerve racking it was, it was also exciting as we were pushing ourselves to do things that we have never done before. In the heat of excitement, we went shopping every weekend to find ourselves involved in price checking and then buying most essential camping requirements such as tent, sleeping bags, etc. By December 23, we were all ready with our camping essentials and we also had all our amenities sorted out. We were excited about how the road trip was going to be and how we would survive camping (if we would).

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