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They say everyday is different and everyday you get to do different stuffs. Today was different for me because i got to try the Vietnamese coffee that my baby got me.

History of Vietnamese Coffee
Historically, Vietnam is one of the most important countries involved in coffee cultivation, and today is the world’s second largest producer of coffee (second to Brazil), a fact that comes as a surprise to most coffee consumers

Some facts about Vietnamese Coffee
  • the most strongest and thickest coffee species
  • delivers the richest flavor to your tongue: from bitter to sweet, sweet to sour, and sour back to sweet!
Having some bad experiences with Vietnamese food, i was quite not sure how the coffee would be. I had a quick smell of the coffee and it did not smell good at all. My worst fears came alive when i realized i had left my coffee plunger at Brett’s place. At this moment, i realized that may be having Vietnamese coffee today was not a good idea at all. It would add up to my bad experiences with Vietnamese food.
Anyways, i wasn’t going to give up despite the smell and absence of the plunger. I went it to my kitchen, boiled water and then took up my travel mug. Then i added some of the coffee, added hot water to it and let it settle for a while. After few minutes, i came back to realize the coffee was ready and it was time for me to do the last thing before i could have my coffee. That thing was getting rid of the floating bits of the coffee. For this, i used my very handy spoon. I moved it on the surface of the coffee and turned it a whole circle and surprisingly all the coffee bits were on top and it got them all. Finally, i had a real coffee in my travel mug. I poured coffee into my cup, added some milk and a tablespoon of sugar and there you go I HAD A GO AT MAKING VIETNAMESE COFFEE WITHOUT USING A PLUNGER!!! How exciting !!!
Some feedback on the coffee:
  • Tasted just like other coffee (only stronger and richer taste and flavor)
  • No smell or funny tastes were noticed.
  • Good to have it when you are feeling really sleepy and tired

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