How to set SSL version when sending requests via SoapClient?

Every now and then you are required to work on a API which is pretty big. However, the SSL version they have used is depreciated one so you cannot use standard SoapClient class to communicate with them. The following snippet allows you to create your wrapper class which extends SoapClient and allows you to execute a curl request with the correct SSL version. Thus allowing you to make a successful communication with that API

class WrapperClass extends SoapClient {
    protected function callCurl($url, $data, $action) {
        $handle = curl_init();
        curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
        curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, Array("Content-Type: text/xml", 'SOAPAction: "' . $action . '"'));
        curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
        curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data);
        curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 3);
        $response = curl_exec($handle);
        if (empty($response)) {
            throw new SoapFault('CURL error: '.curl_error($handle),curl_errno($handle));
        return $response;

    public function __doRequest($request,$location,$action,$version,$one_way = 0) {
        return $this->callCurl($location, $request, $action);

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Adding SWAP Memory in Linux

Linux divides its physical RAM (random access memory) into chucks of memory called pages. Swapping is the process whereby a page of memory is copied to the pre-configured space on the hard disk, called swap space, to free up that page of memory. The combined sizes of the physical memory and the swap space is the amount of virtual memory available.

The following is what you can do to add new swap space to your system:

To list swap partitions and swap files use:

more /proc/swaps

Follow the steps to configure swap space:

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Mr Zoom

You have been with us in all the ups and downs in the last 3 years. You were there when we were renting, you were there when we were road tripping, you were there when we went to QLD. You have brought fun and joy to our lives, but now its time for you to do the same to another family.

We will miss you Mr Zoom, there will be no other car like you. We will miss the zippy drive and easiest parking. I am sure we will struggle with city parking from now on :'(.

Thanks for all the good times and hope your new family will take good care of you.

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Building a LAMP system using Puppet

I have always been interested in sysadmin, however the thing that annoyed me was trying to remember the config file contents. Back in the day when I used to work for Boss Pacific Information Systems, I would find the idea of setting up servers very interesting. In the mean time, the tedious task of remembering which config file to change and what to change was a bit daunting.

Recently, I have been introduced to Puppet script which has been used in my work environment has proven its importance.

“Puppet manages your servers: you describe machine configurations in an easy-to-read declarative language, and Puppet will bring your systems into the desired state and keep them there.”

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple puppet script to build a LAMP system which is the base for any web system. The components required for a web system such as apache, mysql etc are all available as modules from Puppet Forge
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Aww the love

We left our beloved mushroom behind at home for few days to go and explore beautiful cairns. Come back and now he is terrified that we will leave him again and will be gone for few days. So he tries to pull every trick in the book to make us stay home. Breaks my heart :(

This morning he managed to have his face dirty, mind you, this dog is a princess and do not like dirt and being dirty.

PS: we had lovely couple house sit for us and look after Mushroom while we were away.

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Mushroom all groomed

Mushy before his grooming. I still remember the day. He purposefully got dirty so that we would stay home with him ;)

That’s him all clean. He smelt so good but we could hardly recognize him after his make over. Hope we haven’t stolen others’ pet. We just picked which ever was the cutes ;P

PS: he can now see the world without that fur photo-bombing his every vision :)

via Mushroom all groomed | Rujuna’s Blog.

Avoiding offset on tables with high volume data

In web development, it is common to be able to perform some action on each row of a high volume table. The first thing that comes to mind in doing this is fetching rows from the table in batches using LIMIT OFFSET,BATCH statement.


The flaw of this method is as the offset goes on increasing, it takes that much longer for the database engine to return the result. The reason being the engine has to go though all the rows to find that offset and then return the batch of records.

The solution would be to use a where clause on the primary key instead of offset: Read More

Issues with having underscore in domain name

I have come across wierd hair scratching problems and this is one of them. Turns out, if there is an underscore in your domain/sub domain name, IE stops saving cookies. Which i have already mentioned in my earlier post title ‘IE Why? Why?‘.

Now another issue that I have noticed with underscore in domain is that PayPal will not accept this url as a valid url. So if your site has PayPal processing then it will error out.

All the fun with having underscore in domain names.