Movember 2011

Today is November 30, which means today is the last day of Movember. For those of you who are not aware of what Movember is, it is a campaign whose aim is to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression. I have supported this campaign by donating my face or in other words, i have sprouted moustache on my face just to look hideous so other people can have a laugh about my face and at the same time donate for my effort to support this great cause.

I started Movember since last year and as always, it is a time filled with good and bad moments. Good because you know you are donating your face and looking hideous for a great cause. Bad simply because you look hideous and every time you look at the mirror you keep wondering who that person in the mirror is. All in all, i don’t mind, having moustache for a month :)

If you are keen on checking out my daily MO-gress, then follow the link and see my MO progressed through this whole month. I must admit that i did miss some MO-shots for some of the days and i do apologise for that.

The whole team at my work (Solutions Outsourced) participated in this campaign and every week we have posted a blog article about our Movember progress. Checkout our latest blog about Movember at

This year’s Movember has been great. I will be definitely be up for next year’s Movember :)

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